SUNDAY APRIL 21, 2024 5:06 PM Remote viewers, prophets and time travelers have seen certain scenarios involving impending World War III. This morning I sat eating my avocado toast with honey and drinking my two shots of espresso with foam, as I pondered writing again. I actually had a vision of WWIII in 2017 at Prayer Mountain as I prayed for our world, our nation and our President, who at the time, was President Trump. Are we on the cusp, or is WWIII simply one contingous act of war unfolding upon another as our nations borders are flooded with HAMAS, CCP, Argentin Cartel, and terrorists bent on murder, mayhem and the destruction of the United States of America? I promised I would begin writing again and I will try to devote at least an hour each day to pontificate some of the more difficult trials and tribulations we, in the United States, as American citizens will be facing in the next few years. Don't forget to check back as I update my blog and don't forget to wa

Chapter 36: War Games, Pope Declares World War Three Has Begun; Suicide of Russian Spy Master Gen. Lev Sotskov; Rusian Super Soliders Sleepers Awakened; 100 Suitcase Nukes

    Penny L.A. Shepard, Agent X11, Hellywood Dark Journalist Presents:   Chapter 36: War Games, World War III has begun   Presently working on this chapter.. check back for updates.       The Pope declares we are in WWIII     “World War III has been declared” Pope Francis said in a wide-ranging  conversation with the editors of European Jesuit publications on May 19, 2022."     In an article written by  Gerard O’Connell, published June 14, 2022, Gerard cites the conversations of the editors of the European Jesuit publications on May 19, 2022, referring to Russia’s attack against the Ukraine, published by the Italian Jesuit publication La Civilta’ Cattolica and the secular newspaper La Stampa on June 14, 2022.   “The world is at war.” he said.  “For me, today, World War III has been declared.  This is something that should give us pause for thought.  What is happening to humanity that we have had three world wars in a century ?"   The Pope appears to be

Chapter 35 Rapper Travis Scott's Astroworld, Satan takes a Holiday in Houston Texas

Chapter 35  Rapper Travis Scott's Astroworld, Satan takes a Holiday in Houston Texas. In this article we will examine Hellywood's Travis Scott and his family of Hellywood connections. (Check in for updates)   JACQUES WEBSTER AKA TRAVIS SCOTT Travis Scott was born Jacques Webster II, April 30, 1991, in Houston, Texas. He lived with his grandmother in South Park Houston, which is a crime ridden region. His wiki quotes him as stating “Growin up, my grandmother stayed in the hood so I seen random crazy shit. [I saw] mad bums and crazy spazzed out motherfuckers, I saw people looking weird, hungry, and grimly.  I was always like, ‘I gotta get the fuck out this shit’.  It gave me my edge and made me who I am right now.” That’s who Webster is.  A pun opportunist who would do anything for fame, including selling his soul to Satan and the Boule cabal. After college Scott moved from Houston to Washington Heights in NY City where he began working with Mike Waxx who owned a music website c